Essay on women empowerment for students and children

Essay on women empowerment for students and children: Women empowerment is the process to enrich the standard of life of women by upgrading them by providing equal opportunity in education, economy, employment, and decision-making.

Empowerment is a way to create a pathway to lead the life of women independently. The barriers to women’s education, literacy, marriage should demolish, and equal opportunity has to provide.

Empowering women is a way to realize the gender role that they have to perform by breaking all the barriers. Women must be economically independent to sustain themselves in society with freedom.

Essay on women empowerment for students and children :

Essay on women empowerment for students and children
Essay on women empowerment for students and children

Barriers to women empowerment:

The pressure created due to the men treating her inferior to him makes her more depressed.

Some of the research says the increase in the use of the internet is one of the primary causes for the crimes happening against women nowadays.

Due to the pornographic content that is watched by the men, they force and harass the women sexually. Some brutal rape is the primary witness for the effect of attending such a kind of pornography.

Women are not treated equally and adequately in the workplace. The barriers include sexual harassment, unfair wages, career breaks, and the list goes on.

For the women, their family itself becomes a significant barrier to them. If a parent has two children in both the gender, then there will be more diversity among education, lifestyle, marriage etc.

More than that our country’s law is also not strong enough to eradicate the crimes happening against women.

In childhood, women act according to her father’s wish; then after marriage, she works according to her husband’s wish; at the last span of his life, he works according to the words of his son. There is no much importance for his words in his own life. 

The behaviour, dressing sense, the social approach is all decided by men for women. Even in some areas, men are deciding what food that women should consume and what TV shows that they should watch.

When women break all the barriers and make footsteps in an organization as an employee, they will be facing more trouble than the home. The men coworkers will try to misbehave with them, and the Male boss may be more dominant.

She may be treated with disrespect and forced to act as per their convenience. They are compelled to this situation in the working.

Environment. Some women handle this issue well, but some of the women can’t even express their feelings to anyone because of their family situations and commitments.

Women may dream of pursuing a good education, a self-supporting job and a life partner to treats her kind and equal. But for some women, this dream. Can’t be fulfilled.

They were getting married at their young age, and their life gets shorten within their home as a homemaker. They feel like a bird who loses its wings.

After marriage, their whole life spent taking care of her husband and parenting and educating the children. There are tend to sacrifice their dreams for their family commitment. 

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How to resolve this?

The problems which are faced by women in every field are due to the inequality in society. The women must be treated equally by the men. The inferiority complex must be demolished and must be treated equally.

The parenting style must be changed. Parents must treat the male and female child equally and ensure the equal level of rights to them. They must allow the female child to get educated and employed and to choose her life partner on their own.


From childhood itself, the parents must allow the female child to involve in sports and cultural activities. Parents must create a pathway to practice a formal relationship with society by their female child. They must allow them to socialize and will enable her to be a deciding factor in her personal life.


Women are approaching schools and colleges to pursue their education. Teachers have to play a significant role in empowering female students. More women’s empowerment programs must be conducted to educate the students.

Men also must be included in the women empowerment program because they have to realize the value of the women and have to be ledged to respect the women and their feelings.

Educational institutions used to celebrate march eight as women’s day with the girls’ students. It must be changed and have to be celebrated with the male students. 

The next important thing regarding women empowerment is “sex education.” Schools and colleges must take the initiative to educate about sex to the students. This will help them to treat women as an equal soul.

Educational institutions must give the same opportunity not only to get educated but also in leadership qualities, program organizer etc. Educational institutions have an excellent opportunity to break all the barriers related to inequality. So it must use them.

Colleges can create equal opportunities in employment to make women get equal importance in society. Colleges can have a women development club and can conduct several activities to empower women.


When a woman is a colleague to a man in an office, she is facing a lot of issues to survive in his field. If women perform better than men in an organization, will some unwanted conflicts arise? Men will disrespect women and try to abuse them wrongly.

The mentally must be changed; Women must be ready to put forward the issues that are faced by the men to the public so that the men can change their attitude.

The wages and salary must not be gender-biased, and the salary must be given according to the skill and the performance of the individual. Some women are getting a good position in their career. Women are becoming the CEOs of many organizations and start-ups today. 

Women are getting empowered in many fields today. The women are stepping into every field equal to the men. Men should encourage this and support them to act better. By this, gender equality can be preserved.

FAQS on essay on Women Empowerment

Which online stage launched by the Ministry of Women and Child Development to help women empowerment? 

Mahila E-haat platform was launched by the Ministry of Women and Child Development on 7 March, 2016 to help women empowerment. 

In which year women Helpline Scheme launched?

Women Helpline launched was dispatched on 1 April, 2015. 

Which plan helps in the anticipation of dealing and offer help for salvage, recovery, reintegration and bringing home of women? 

Ujjawala platform is a Complete Scheme for Anticipation of dealing and Release, Rehabilitation and Re-incorporation of Victims of Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation. 

In which year Public Mission for Empowerment of Women is launched?

Public Mission for Empowerment of Women was launched on 15 August, 2011 to enable women broadly. 

What priyadarshini scheme provides to women?

Priyadasrshini is a Women Empowerment and Maintenance program in Mid-Gangetic Plains

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