Essay on World Environment Day for students

Essay on World Environment Day:: There are so many days we celebrate nationally and internationally. The common thing about those is all of them have some great purpose behind it. Which also has a back story and causes something good for Humanity. 

Our country participates in almost every initiative that helps Humanity. For example, We all know how important nature and the environment is for us and as the days passing we are exploiting it.

For the purpose of saving the environment, we Do celebrate World Environment Day globally every year.

Environment: Environment is the most important aspect of the survival of Humanity. Without it, we will die in seconds. The radiation of the sun will burn our skin, we will not have oxygen to breathe.

Even if we leave this all, Environment is the source of food and water for us. If the environment is not there we will have nothing to Eat and Drink. All the natural resources and living beings living on the earth and Their daily life process collectively are called Environment.

From this, we can understand the importance of the Environment in our life, but as we are developing we are using natural resources too much that is causing great harm to our environment.

It is not just reducing the resources but also the use of resources like Natural fuels release harmful gases for our environment that causes pollution and exploits the lives of animals and plants also imbalance the process that earth maintains.

In order to tackle this issue, there are a lot of initiatives have been started one among them in celebration of World Environment Day.

Essay on World Environment Day

Essay on World Environment Day

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June in which more than 100s of countries Participates and give Their contribution. There are also many other names by which we call it Eco day, Environment Day, WED (World Environment Day). 

It was established by the UN General Assembly in 1972 for the purpose of improving the conditions of the Environment. And for the very first time, it was held in 1974 with the theme “Only One Earth”.

If you are not understanding about themes, then it actually means every year the world environment day is hosted by a particular country in which that country creates a motto and spreads awareness in this case.

For example, in 2019 it was hosted by China with the theme Air Pollution while in 2018 it was hosted by India with the Theme of Beat plastic.

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Purpose of World Environment Day

The main purpose of world environment day is to encourage and strengthen the actions and awareness regarding the Protection of our Environment.

The continuous increase in the population is using natural resources as it is infinite while these resources have come to an end. Also, the increase in pollution is exploiting Wildlife, flora, and fauna also mother nature.

Due to the release of Carbon dioxide and CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) ozone layer is already damaged a lot. The ozone layer saves us from the harmful UV (Ultraviolet) rays of Suns that can cause skin burn and cancer.

In order to maintain the Balance of these all and save the Environment in which we start many campaigns to spread awareness about the importance of the environment and also the actions to save the environment the World Environment day was started.

How do we celebrate World Environment Day?

Every year a New country hosts World Environment Day on a unique Theme. On this day a lot of actions are taken which helps in the Saving of Nature like Planting Trees in huge amount, cleaning rivers, etc.

There a lot of speeches, debates, and campaigns that start on issues like Environment Issues, marine pollution, Exponential increase in the human population, global warming, sustainable consumption of natural resources and exploitation of wildlife, etc.

Although it is not a holiday a huge number of the population take part in it who cares about Their future. School and other Educational institutes do a competition like an Essay writing, art, and painting, rallies, and quizzes in regard to spreading awareness about the protection of the Environment.

Also, competition, like planting trees, cleaning lands and rivers, collecting plastics and recycling, is done by institutes and peoples. Scientists and peoples propose Their ideas and inventions to save nature.

What we can Do?

As the main purpose of the WED is to spread awareness we must also help in such actions and spread the information about the protection of nature too. We must use eco-friendly resources in our day to day life.

We must not overuse the products and resources which cause harm to our nature. For example use of ACs and fridges cause the release of CFCs in huge amount also use of motor vehicles cause reducing in natural oil and harm to nature as well. We can also help in cleaning our environment but cleaning the rivers and lands also we can plant trees in numbers to reduce pollution.

An increase in population is one of the greatest causes of this issue which must be reduced, in order to tackle both these we must make people aware of Education.

Education is the key to make people enough intelligent that they know what is good for humanity and what is not. We must help those campaigns and programs by donating money and Spreading knowledge.

World Environment Day 2019 & 2018

2019– In 2019 the World Environment Day was hosted by our neighbour Country china on the theme of Aur pollution. They spread awareness about how it is causing hazardous results to humans and Nature too.

Air pollution is the major cause of global warming due to which plants are dying and our glaciers are melting. Even to humans, we breathe polluted air which causes Several diseases like lung problems and cancer.

China established mang air purifiers in Their country to produce clean Air.

2018– In 2018 the World Environment Day was hosted by our Country India on the Theme of Beat plastic. Plastic is the major pollution causing the element of earth. Maximum of the plastic wastes are dumped into rivers and oceans which harms marine life a lot.

We can’t even burn plastic waste. India spreader awareness and said no to the use of plastics. Also, India promised to be plastic-free until 2022.


In order to survive for a long Humanity must save the Environment. Without it we are nothing and she will have nothing.

World Environment Day is an initiative to save nature and Create a beautiful world that is pollution-free and healthy, where people can breathe in pure oxygen and can see the clear sky full of stars at night.

We all have to spread awareness regarding the protection of Nature so our future generation can live in a place that is safe for them.

I hope this essay on world environment day will very helpful for your examination and speech, So please read the careful essay on world environment day.

FAQS on essay on World Environment Day

In which year the  World Environment Day was held? 

Since 1974, World Environment Day has been commended each year on 5 June. 

What is the topic of World Environment Day 2020? 

The subject of World Environment Day 2020 is Biodiversity. 

World Environment Day was praised unexpectedly under which motto? 

World Environment Day was commended without precedent for 1974 under Just One Earth motto. 

Which nation will have the World Environment Day 2020? 

Colombia will have the World Environment Day 2020 and centers around the topic biodiversity. It will be done in organization with Germany. 

When was the primary significant meeting on natural issues under the United Nations was held? 

The primary significant meeting on ecological issues that was assembled under the support of the United Nations was held in 1972 from 5-16 June in Stockholm, Sweden.  the gathering was known as the Conference on the Human Environment or the Stockholm Conference.

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