what is the Purpose of College

what is the Purpose of College:: We are living in the 21st Century? In this period of the century, education is an important weapon to improve human life. If we talk about education, the first elementary education that a child gets from his family and the surrounding environment.

College is an important part of this education. Now the point here is what is the purpose of college in a child’s life. To tell the purpose of the college, we wrote an essay for you. I hope that by reading this essay you will know what is the purpose of college.

What is the purpose of college

what is the Purpose of College
what is the Purpose of College


College, the name in itself brings a lot of joy to a student’s life. A lot of students in their school life choose their dream college to join post finishing their 12th.

Today’s youth understand the level of competition; hence, they value the hard work to achieve their dreams. Keeping in the mind, the high cut-off for admission in the college, they keep giving their best to attain the highest score so that they can finally continue with their favourite course in their dream college.

But, it is important to understand why admission to college becomes so important for students and in return, what is the purpose of college that brings up the excitement in students.

 Is the college limited to studies only? Why it is important to join college after the completion of their 12th.

Let us figure out some important aspects of college life as it has been considered as the most important phase in a student’s life and named as the main path for a successful career.

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Importance of College in Student’s life 

College, when visualized, comes along with a lot of fantasies in youth.

In some students’ dreams, it is a ‘dream come true moment’ when they know that they don’t have to wear any uniform but can wear their favourite attire at their study place. 

However, on the other side, for some students, it is a feeling of freedom from regular homework and notebook checking.

But, the reality is that college comes with its limitation and challenges which students understand once they start their journey.

Fortunately, this generation is well versed with the competition and so prepares well to make their dreams come true. 

Though the understanding of competition brings them closer to their goal of joining their favourite college. But, as a youth with no experience of the real world, it does require strong guidance and exposure to the practical world.

And so, college life helps students to understand different aspects of life through their performance in studies and participating in various activities.

What is the Purpose of College

Keeping in the mind the guidance aspect, let us move ahead to understand the Purpose of College

Provide Degree As Specialization

With the advancement in technology, lifestyle, and other aspects of life, the introduction of various streams is given a form of different courses.

And the well-designed course completion in the form of degrees, diplomas, short courses is offered by various colleges as it highlights the specialization in one particular subject.

And, so achieving the desired certificates expand the opportunity for the students’ career and income growth, which is the one main purpose of college.

Personality Development

College is a platform that helps students to learn life lessons along with the studies. During the journey of their opted courses, they are also encouraged to take part in various activities, like, in various sports competitions, participation in theatres, and the opportunity to become president of the college.

And so, on one hand, these participations in students’ life take a shape of worth remembering memories and experiences.

On the other hand, the participation criteria challenge their creative thinking and indulge them in preparations with the encouragement to make decisions for themselves to get to the winning side.

In the end, the outcome of the participation in the activities a strong, creative, and confident personality along with the art of decision making, which is again another important purpose of college.

It is the college’s responsibility to make their students confident and creative so that they can be prepared to deal with the challenges in their real life.

Discover the Passion

It is rightly said by Sean Covey that ‘the primary purpose of going to college isn’t to a great job. The primary purpose of college is to build a strong mind, which leads to greater self-awareness, capabilities, fulfilment, and service opportunities which incidentally should lead to a better job’.

Unlike school, the college is a centre of performing various arts and activities to fulfil the purpose of discovering the passion of their students.

The involvement of students in various activities helps them to figure out the areas where they can display outstanding performance. This performance often leads students to have a better vision for themselves and discover their potential and passion. Hence, keeping in mind the same aspect, the college opens the gate for students to participate in various activities within the campus to ensure that the college is giving enough opportunity for students to discover themselves

Provide Job Opportunities

The agenda of finally completing their graduation and getting their degrees and diplomas in hand is to move ahead for the next step to build the career. This step now is about finally being a part of interviews to get the job. And, so most of the colleges offer job placement as well because Maximum placements from the college itself impact the reputation of the campus as well.

Prepare Students For Interviews

Keeping in mind the competition, the agenda, or the purpose of the college is to make their students ready to be a part of interviews. Hence, a lot of colleges arrange various sessions, guest lecturers for their students.

These sessions are designed to help them learn all the steps to get their job. For instance, resume writing, grooming, way of answering questions, presentation sessions, etc.

Post completion of their sessions, the college provides job placement within the campus. Hence, students are prepared accordingly from the very beginning itself.

Various criteria like their performance, their accomplishments in the activities become a tool for selecting students to be a part of placement which indeed benefits the campus by showcasing the best students for the placement and also encourages students to work hard and learn smarter ways as well during their journey.

Hence, the purpose of college takes the shape of benefits for students. If the college is functioning well by fulfilling the purpose of their students’ growth and to benefit them in the best possible guidance and ways, indeed, the growth of college and students is certainly promised.

And gradually the purposeful college becomes the dream college for the students.

FAQS on What is the purpose of school?

Why school is important?

School is very much important for the children as they learn every single thing from the school which help them to grow and become wonderful person on the earth.

Is school being for both male and female?

Yes, school is equally equivalent to every gender and give them same learning and values in life.

How can anyone get admission in school?

To get admission in the school, one has to find the school in which they are interested to take admission and then they must visit the school and fill the application and do the further procedures to get admission in school.

Is there is any fee for the school?

Yes, every school has some fees for the school. Only few of the schools or governmental schools are there who gives free education for the weaker section of the society.

Is school are also recognized?

Yes, every school has their own recognition board that is ICSE, CBSE or UP board. Before taking admission one have to check about school credibility for best education. 

Final word –

I hope this what is the purpose of the college essay will very helpfull for your examination, So please read carefully what is the purpose of the essay.

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